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From the Operator

Join us this summer for an unforgettable adventure to Cocos, the Island of the Sharks. This 6,000-acre UNESCO World Heritage site is the only island with a tropical rainforest in the eastern Pacific. It holds great fascination for divers, as it serves as the first landmark encountered by the north equatorial countercurrent and acts as a confluence point for marine currents. This unique combination creates the perfect environment for large migratory pelagic species, including hammerhead and tiger sharks, as well as all the other critters that Cocos is famous for.

The diving will be led by our Captain Beto, formerly of the Okeanos Aggressor, who boasts 29 years of experience. He has personally hand-picked a crew of Cocos veterans to ensure an exceptional experience. Our trips take place during peak season when the density of hammerhead sharks is at its highest, giving you the best chance to encounter whale sharks, humpback whales, and much more.

We have gained permission from the Costa Rican authorities to use our 132-foot flagship, the Nautilus Explorer, on our Cocos Island and near-coastal ocean and rainforest adventures. Our beautiful ocean stabilized Explorer features 4 levels of accommodation, huge back deck and camera tables, separate dining room and salon with million-dollar views and of course a fresh water hot tub.

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