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From the Operator

In 2004, Mike Ball joined diving great Jacques Yves Cousteau as an inductee into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame. Mike was the world’s first live-aboard operator to be honoured for his contribution to scuba diving and his pioneering efforts in the live-aboard industry. In 1989 Mike built Scuba Zoo, the world’s largest shark cage to allow divers to witness a ‘feeding frenzy’ from very close! With 25 years’ experience, we have developed a variety of shark experiences from passive observation, to attraction and feeding, without a cage in sight.

Shark Diving Experiences

Osprey is 75 miles beyond the Great Barrier Reef and 225 miles from Cairns. This spectacular sea mount in crystal clear water, with pristine corals, 1000 metre plummeting walls and spectacular marine life offers a true wilderness experience. Sharks are encountered on every dive. Common species include silver, grey and white tipped reef sharks. Great hammerheads frequent the reef and between April and September scalloped hammerheads school at depth. Thresher and Galapagos sharks are occasionally sited. Shark ‘attraction’ stations lure sharks in for closer photography; smaller groups are arranged for close up (1-2metre) photo opportunities. The ‘shark feed’ is a highlight with up to 60 silver, grey and white tip sharks. All shark dives are carefully controlled to minimize risk.

Other Diving

‘Making divers smile since 1969’
3, 4 & 7 night Great Barrier Reef & Coral Sea Expeditions.
Mike’s legendry Spoilsport is Australia’s most awarded liveaboard. Her combination of space, stability, and diver conveniences is unmatched. Enjoy the luxurious motor yacht atmosphere with sumptuous international and vegetarian menus. On regular itineraries you can experience: tiny pygmy sea horse; sea snakes; stone fish; turtles; diver sized potato cod; manta rays; large schools of fish and amazing shark encounters. In June & July the seasonal highlight is being eye to eye with dwarf minke whales, the world’s friendliest whale species!

Special expeditions seek out extraordinary dive opportunities including: historic wreck expeditions; deep reef rebreather expeditions; nautilus observation dives and an annual visit to Raine Island, the world’s largest green turtle rookery that tourists don’t visit. Novice divers receive complimentary orientation dives to enhance skills, experienced divers receive freedom to do their own thing. Whether you are a novice diver, solo diver, rebreather diver or a gung-ho photographer or videographer we can help you.

Shark Research & Conservation

Mike Ball Dive Expeditions are associated with several environmental research, monitoring programs & associations; our affiliations are with universities and NGO’s, all of whom have a common goal of preserving our oceans and fauna for future generations. Research topics include: nautilus populations; dwarf minke whale monitoring; deep reef coral species; pest control plus climate change impacts; however and without doubt, some of our most exciting monitoring programs are for the better understanding and protection of SHARKS! These timeless ancient apex predators, fascinate us as human beings and the opportunity to dive and swim with these magnificent creatures at close quarters, can be done right here on the magnificent Spoilsport.

Contact Details

  1. Email: resv@mikeball.com
  2. Tel: +61 7 4053 0500
  3. Tel (after hours): +61 407 146 834
  4. 3 Abbott Street, Cairns, Queensland 4870 Australia
  5. Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm (Aust Eastern Standard time)
  6. www.mikeball.com