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From the Operator

Named The Best Shark Dive in the World by diving legends Ron and Valerie Taylor, The Fiji Shark Dive has been experienced by countless diving icons, professional photographers and cameramen, industry professionals and clients alike. This is the original and unmatched product featuring Fiji’s unique and highly experienced crew of Shark Divers – much copied but never equaled!

Shark Diving Experiences

On The Shark Dive you will be able to experience the breathtaking sight of up to eight species of Sharks: Blacktip Reef Sharks, Whitetip Reef Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks, Silvertip Sharks, Tawny Nurse Sharks, Sicklefin Lemon Sharks, Bull Sharks and the occasional Tiger Shark. In addition, you can also encounter Giant Groupers, Maori Wrasse, Rainbow Runners, Giant Trevally, Java Morays, Eagle Rays and more than 400 species of tropical reef fish, as documented by our 2010 census. All this on one single dive, a mere 20 minute ride from our dive base on our state-of-the-art hydrofoil catamaran dive vessels, "MV Predator" and “MV Hunter”. Perfectly safe, exhilarating and intriguing, Shark diving doesn’t get any better!

Other Diving

We will also take you to world-renown Beqa Lagoon, the Soft Coral Capital of the World. Here you will experience spectacular reef landscapes that are teeming with life, Fiji’s famous lush soft coral forests, mysterious wrecks and exhilarating drift dives. Featuring over fifty world-class dive sites, diving in the Beqa Lagoon caters to all experience levels.

Shark Research & Conservation

Beqa Adventure Divers have worked closely with the Government of Fiji and the traditional owners of Shark Reef to have it designated as a protected Marine Park, Shark Reef Marine Reserve. Our holistic Conservation Project has been hailed world-wide as a template for sustainable and efficient Ecotourism. We are involved in ongoing cutting-edge research with an international team of scientists to better understand the Bull Shark population of Shark Reef Marine Reserve and have set up a comprehensive database about The Shark Dive which is unparalleled and continues to yield unique insights into the mysterious life of our free-roaming Sharks. This has resulted in numerous scientific publications about among others, the Sharks’ life history, population dynamics, inter- and intraspecific interactions and Ecotourism. We also conduct regular surveys and fish counts aimed at documenting the results of our stewardship of this unique marine resource. We do all of this with the aim of learning more about these majestic and endangered animals and contributing to their long-term survival. Our findings have already prompted us to greatly expand the protected area by creating the protected Fiji Shark Corridor of close to 30 nautical miles along the southern coastline of Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu.

As of November, 2014, Shark Reef Marine Reserve has been designated Fiji’s first National Marine Park, with BAD being entrusted with its day-to-day management. This groundbreaking development is a great honor but also a great step forward in ensuring that the park will be monitored and enforced efficiently.

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