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From the Operator

Looking for the best option to dive with bull sharks in Playa del Carmen? You have found the right place!

Jorge ‘Chino’ Loria and the Phantom Divers are the pioneers in bull shark diving in the Mexican Caribbean.

We were one of the first dive shops to operate in Playa del Carmen and we have been developing our own technique since 1997, making this experience a safe, educational and enjoyable adventure for you and your group!

Shark Diving Experiences

Every year from November to March, Phantom Divers organizes two types of bull shark diving tours daily: The Bull Shark Discovery, in which we visit our friends in their natural habitat and observe their behavior and magnificence, and The Bull Shark Encounter Experience, a static dive at 80 feet where divers enjoy the show of Charlie, Chino or Ramon feeding the lady bull sharks.

There are no words to describe the charm of the sharks dancing in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, you have to come and try it yourself!

Other Experiences

Reef Diving – Playa del Carmen

Besides the majestic bull sharks, Playa del Carmen has a lot to offer: incredibly colorful schools of fish, rays, eels, nurse sharks, barracudas, not to mention the beautiful reefs of the second largest barrier reef.

Wall Diving - Cozumel

Be ready to become speechless in front of the impressive underwater landscape created by the imposing walls, endless coral reefs and marine life. Also, enjoy the endemic species of this island, the splendid Toad Fish.

Cavern Diving - Cenotes

Cenotes are another must if you come to the Mayan Riviera. You cannot miss the world’s most incredible cavern diving. We will take you through a dreamland of natural formations in crystal clear water, unique light effects and the halocline, where fresh and salt water come together.

Snorkeling with Whale Sharks – May through September

A huge congregation of Whale Sharks looking for plankton visit our warm waters every year. Although it is forbidden to dive in this area, snorkeling along with them is just amazing! It also makes this thrilling experience available for the whole family, even if they are non-divers.

Snorkeling with Sailfish – January through March

Sailfish come to the Caribbean to feed on schools of sardines that move together as a single large fish trying (and failing) to confuse their predator. You can´t miss this unique underwater show of nature!


Phantom Divers is responsible for the creation of Saving Our Sharks (SOS), an NGO based in Playa del Carmen which main purpose to protect sharks through research and proper management of touristic activities.

As members of this NGO, Phantom Divers has been directly involved in the creation of the first “Good Practices Manual for Bull Shark Diving” and is actively involved in the research activities of this organization. With the help of academics and shark enthusiasts, Phantom Divers and SOS also created the first Caribbean bull shark photo identification guide which is currently being used to create a monitoring network with the help of the diving community of Playa del Carmen. In order to continue with this monitoring efforts, Phantom Divers and SOS have established a tagging program which is already following 26 individuals through a network of acoustic receptors strategically positioned all along Quintana Roo’s coastline. As a social responsible enterprise, Phantom Divers along with SOS, also supports an environmental education program that has reached over 6000 students and continues to this day to promote sustainable development.

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  3. #238, 1st North Avenue and 14th Street, Downtown Playa del Carmen, 77710, Mexico.